Solidary Family Economy

Moviendo Esperanzas is always looking for people from the most vulnerable areas of the country, to give them the support they may need.

The focus of solidary family economy is “food security”, and the idea is that in the context of a pandemic, where there is a high rate of unemployment and very low wages, families can grow their food for their own consumption, and can use whatever is left for trading or local sales.

The idea is to take advantage of small areas in their garden to grow garden produce, which would consist of vegetables and some fruit, implementing organic techniques gradually. They will also raise their own chicken for the production of meat and eggs, to enrich their family diet.

During a reasonable amount of time, these families will receive help through methodologies that will allow them to grow their own food autonomously.

We feel very proud because we are teaching them to fish, and by doing this they will obtain their dietary and economic independence.

Without you, our donors, this would not have been possible!

Through your donations, we are able to achieve this:


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