Will you consider partnering with Moviendo Esperanzas to help realize the dream of providing HOPE?  We have many great projects and initiatives that impact the lives of 1000’s of people but we need your help. 

Monthly Donors – New!

To better serve and expand the work we have already started, Moviendo Esperanzas is humbly asking for 400 people to donate $20 / month on an ongoing basis. Our prayer is to have 400 people by Sept 1, 2021. The links below offer a monthly donation option. We are grateful for your support!

Paypal Donation

Online donations

You can donate to Moviendo Esperanzas by using Paypal for either a one-time donation or for continuous monthly donations.  

Canadian Donors

Receive Charitable Tax Receipt

Southview Alliance Church in Calgary has done the steps to formalize a charitable oversight relationship with Moviendo Esperanzas and is able to provide tax receipts for donations.   Even if you do not attend Southview Alliance Church, you are welcome to donate.  100% of the funds will be forwarded to Moviendo Esperanzas.  

Donate by bank transfer




CUENTA EN COLONES     001-0274258-6
IBAN     CR61015201001027425865
CUENTA EN DOLARES     001-0285385-0
IBAN     CR53015201001028538502


CUENTA EN COLONES     100-01-054-001240-0
IBAN     CR63015105410010012401
CUENTA EN DOLARES     100-02-054-600289-4
IBAN     CR82015105410026002897


About Your Donations

Moviendo Esperanzas is a non profit organization committed to excellence and careful financial management.   We will carefully and prayerfully consider the best use of donations received to maximize the care and hope of the citizens of Central America.  Thank you for your generosity!

One time donations

If you would like to donate a single amount that is for a project or for ongoing needs of Moviendo Esperanzas, you can do this through either PayPal or Southview Alliance Church.  We will let you know when projects or emergency needs arise.  We value partners who share our vision and wish to move us forward in large steps.  

Recurring donations

To help us with our monthly expenses and ongoing regional projects, we humbly ask that you would consider donating monthly.  A few dollars from our friends and followers would help us keep our projects going with no interruptions.  Please consider $10 or $20 or $50 each month.  This would be such a great help!